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About Us

Grab a coffee ( or beverage of your choice) and a snack, and lets begin to find out all about us!

Where it all begins

So this year I decided to make the conscious decision to spend less time on electronic devices. Quite strange, then, that I also decided to create a blog. Not only a blog but also an apparel and accessories brand (which actually came first!).

Rather cryptically, things will become clearer as we progress.

Primarily this blog is a means to document and share ideas, thoughts, likes and dislikes. We are all diverse in our likes and interests, so at times this blog may appear eclectic. But everything will tie into everything else in some way shape or form.

Beyond that it’s also an attempt to try and build a secondary income. Something many of us strive to achieve. So when we review or recommend things we may use affiliate links, and we will have ads on the site to try and generate an income. In some part this it to cover the running costs of the site itself and to afford to be able to spend time working on the site (we have day jobs we have to go to as well).However, we will retain what it is about us that will hopefully make this blog worthwhile.

The entire experience is also a learning curve on delving into the world of the online industry.

With that in mind.

Who Are We?

Just a quick note, we are trying to avoid real names due to day jobs and privacy. So like most people have taken on an online persona.

A dad, a mom, a girl (Who’s grown up and off on her own adventures) and a boy (just becoming a teenager).


(Raven in old norse)

About Us Hrafn

45 feels old. It isn’t in the grand scheme of things but it feels it. I guess I’m the cornerstone of this online endeavour. From building this site from scratch in wordpress (and am still figuring out most of it) to starting the apparel and accessory brand. I also man the Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram pages

My alarm clock goes off at 3:30am as my day job starts at 5:00am.The walk to work is about 2 1/2 miles and by the end of my day I’ve usually covered 10 to 20 miles. It’s a good job I’m a keen walker.

Which brings me to this blog.

I enjoy the outdoors, walking, camping, bushcraft, that sort of thing. I did a lot when I was young, stopped for various reasons then started again over the past year or so.

Bushcraft is a huge subject. with so many interesting areas to explore. This blog is a way for me to gather and categorise my thoughts as I learn.

It’s not just bushcraft that interest me though.

So expect to find posts about Vikings, traditional skills such as hedge laying, permaculture, forestry ( I volunteer with the RSPB in Sherwood Forest and as a ranger for a local reservoir/woodland/parkland area), gardening (this year will see a serious attempt at growing some of our own produce). There may even be posts on leatherwork, woodwork, wood turning and knitting (I taught myself for my 45th birthday) as well.

I’ve worked in educational IT and I’m a qualified College Tutor, which will hopefully help in developing the educational aspects I plan on bringing to the site.

Oh and I play guitar and used to be a live sound engineer, so I may throw some of that in for good measure.

About Us Fifrildi

Mostly it will be a blog around Bushcraft.


(Butterfly in old norse)

Mom, Wife,Teacher, craft ninja, Lego horder, published author. Let’s start there.

The Girl

Out in the world living her own life, may occasionally pop in. May even bring the grandchildren.

The Boy

12 going on 20. He is possibly only slightly less opinionated than Hrafn, but it’s a close battle. Hoards almost as much Lego as Fifrildi. Goes to school, comes home locks himself away on his xbox. Typical teenager. Purchased his own wood turning lathe at 11, so occasionally may invade a post or two with that.

Complains about going on a hike or a camping trip, until he’s there, then spends the rest of the day having fun (mostly up trees, or the occasional rock face). Goes into low power mode towards the end of longer excursions and days out, we think due to needing a recharge just like his iPad. Has a lot of plans and ideas which will possible appear on here as we get involved, this has up till now included blacksmithing, cosplay and perhaps starting a youtube channel once he turns 13 (jury is still out on that).

So as you can see a varied mix of interests and people, which will hopefully provide something other people think is worth their time. Lets see what the future holds. Now you have learned a bit about us, how about getting in touch and letting us know a bit about you.