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Categories Disclaimer

This Categories Disclaimer is here to offer a simplified explanation and information for the blog categories. It acts as an addendum to the Affiliate Disclaimer, and Terms and Conditions. We encourage you to read all of these documents including the Privacy Policy

Below you can find a list of each category within the blog and what you can expect to find in posts within those categories.

We reserve the right to edit; amend; remove or add categories to this disclaimer at our discretion. Hrafn and Fifrildi encourages visitors to frequently check this page for any changes. Your continued use of this site after any change in this information will constitute your acceptance of such change.


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Where possible we will credit images used within posts to the creator. We initial our own images. and retain the rights under Hrafn and Fifrildi. Uncredited images will be open source or public domain. If you know an uncredited image is protected by copyright, and are aware of the creator,please use the Contact-Us page and let us know.



These will be affiliate marketing products as indicated in the Affiliate Disclaimer. We do not endorsed or used these products. We try to select affiliate products we feel are within keeping of the theme of the site, and that we feel our readers may be interested in.


A blog article. This is a piece of text, with or without images. Primarily to provide information about a subject. On hrafnandfifrildi.com we aim to be transparent. We will initial blogs written solely by us at the end of the post. We will credit Guest authors at the end of the post. Sometimes, a post will have an anonymous source, or it may be a post we have obtained through PLR* (see below) in which case there will be no initial or author at the bottom of the post. Articles may or may not have affiliate links within them


These may be electronic or physical in form. These will be books we have read or plan to read in the future, and as such are a combination of review and recommendation. These posts will include affiliate links, for the book we are recommending . These will always be initialled or signed at the bottom by the author or guest author.


Nice and simple. Places we have been and recommend. To clarify if the recommendation is a sponsored or unsponsored one we will add a disclaimer. These will always be initialled or signed at the bottom by the author or guest author.


Inspirational folk we feel are worth our readers being aware of. This category may have affiliate links to that persons works within the posts, as a result, it will be made clear if it is a sponsored or unsponsored post. These will always be initialled or signed at the bottom by the author or guest author.


This is where we will review products and services that we have actually used. These posts will usually contain affiliate links to the product. These reviews will be solely the opinion of the reviewer and not represent the opinion of the company that creates the product or, of Hrafn and Fifrildi as a whole Therefore, these may be very opinionated. These will always be initialled or signed at the bottom by the author or guest author.


We may be asked to review and recommend products for an external sponsor. This may include a free sample of the product and/or a monetary incentive to do this. Therefore, by utilising this category we shall provide our readers with a transparent knowledge that these post do meets this criteria. We will provide an open and honest opinion of the product good or bad, and we retain the right to provide this opinion without coercion from the sponsor company.

WE hope this Categories Disclaimer helps keep our site transparent, feel free to contact us for any further clarification.

PLR Explanation

*PLR stands for Private Label Rights. This is where a content creator creates and provides content to others, either sold or provided free, to modify, re-brand and use as their own.

Now, once you take possession of the content you are free to distribute the content according to the license set forth by the creator. You are not required to give credit back to the creator https://www.quora.com/What-is-a-PLR-product.

At Hrafn and Fifrildi we feel that to retain our transparency, we will not add ourselves as an author to any PLR content. This is to ensure our readers have the knowledge that those unsigned articles may be PLR content.

Please also see- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_label_rights.