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“Must Have” Survival Gear

“Must Have” Survival Gear

So you have planned an exciting, adventurous, and fun-filled outdoor trip, right? Now it’s time to pack up some basic survival gear, just in case the worst-case scenario happens. Here are some of the items to take in your backpack for your next outdoor adventure!

Survival Gear

First think about the common things that you will need if you do get lost in the outdoors. Imagine you are lost in the woods and what you will need to make your survival a priority.

Food and Water

One of the most important things you need to first pack is water and food. You can keep a filled canteen for your water supply. A good addition to this is something like a life straw. You want to make sure that you take along some dried foods and snacks. Having both food and water in your backpack are good base supplies that you can utilise while finding other resources.

Tools and Utensils

You also want to make sure that you pack a bowl and utensils to eat with. It is also very important that you carry a metal pot to warm your food. The Stanley Adventure cook set can be used to cook and eat from. Combined that with a spork such as the Tito for a simple solution. Another important tool to have packed in your backpack is a knife. There are hundreds to choose from.

Fire Starting

Another important supply you should carry in your backpack is a lighter or matches to help you start a fire. Many people don’t know how to start a fire from scratch. Although this is a very important skill to have, if you are lost in the woods, simplicity is key.


Carrying extra blankets is also a very important supply to have when you are going on an outdoor trip. You never know if you happen to get injured and you need the cloth to help the wound or if you need the extra warmth during cold nights on your campsite. You can also use blankets to create yourself a shelter if you can’t find any other types of material to make a secure shelter. A second option would be a tarp and hammock system.


Another great thing to have in your survival backpack is water purifier tablets. Combined with the life straw mentioned above to maximise clean water supplies. This can be a very handy tool if you happen to run out of your own supply of water. A lot of the times water cannot be found free flowing in the wilderness and you can use the water purification tablets to disinfect any water that you find, allowing you to be able to consume without any risk of it harming your body.


A few other important components that need to be packed if you are going on an outdoor trip are a compass and a map of the location you will be taking your trip to. This can help you keep track of where you are and how far away you are from your way back. You also want to make sure that you carry a watch with you as well to better help you with keeping up with the time of the day or night. You can become very unaware of what day or time it may be when you are lost.

First Aid

Another great thing to have packed in your backpack is a first aid kit. Your kit should include first aid equipment such as band aids, disinfectants, alcohol pads, etc… basically anything that you would need for a basic injury.

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Survival Gear overall

Although there are a ton of different supplies that you can take with you in your backpack during your outdoor trip, these are some of the most important supplies that you need to have packed the next time you decided to go on a wilderness trip. Make sure that you research other items that you can pack in your survival backpack, just make sure that you don’t make your backpack to heavy because you want to still be comfortable and mobile at the same time.

Realize you can’t take the whole house, however, you do need to pack the essentials to surviving even days out in the wilderness by yourself. So make sure the next time you plan your next outdoor adventure that you include these basic survival items in your backpack. If you haven’t already done so check out Basic Wilderness Survival Tips

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